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Online UPS 1KVA Long Backup Time Double Conversion UPS

Online UPS 1KVA Long Backup Time Double Conversion UPS

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Fenice Power VS Competitor
Item Fenice Power Competitor Advantage 
CPU DSP MCU High speed DSP bring better performance&protection
Output voltage
1% Typical 3% Stable, precise output supply voltage helps protect user equipment
Efficiency 90% 88% High efficiency saves power expense for customer
Dimension Small profile Big size Small profile product saves install space
Component and material Fiber glass board based(FR4) 2-side PCB
Composite EPOXY
material  based (CEM1) 1side PCB
FR4 2-side PCB has much better solfering performance
can greatly aviod dry solder issues,has strong physical strength helps product cope with bad transportation condition. FR4 2-side PCB further has better anti-corrosion and thermal stability
Cooling Air 
Anti-dust arrangement No-special 
Fenice Power well designed air path avoid dust accumulation on small component which easily cause product failure


Model PX1K
Phase 1 phase 2wire+PE
Capacity 1KVA/800W
Input Nominal input voltage 220/230/240VAC
Input Voltage Range 110V~300V Halfload 176V~300V Full load
Input Frequency Range 40~70Hz
Input Power Factor 0.99@Full Load
Output Output voltage 230V(220/240/208V Selectable)
Output Voltage Regulation 1%
Output Frequency(Sync.Mode) 47Hz~53Hz;57Hz~63Hz
Output Frequency(Bat.Mode) 50Hz+/-0.05Hz 60Hz+/-0.05Hz
Output THDv% 2% linear Load 6% Non-Linear Load
Output Waveform Pure Sinewave
Transfer Time Line Mode--Bat Mode 0ms
Inv--Bypass Mode <4ms
Efficiency AC--AC 89%
ECO 94%
Battery Mode 87%
Battery & Charger Battery Voltage/Capacity 24V/36V external battery
Battery Type Value Regulated Maintainance Free Lead Acid(VRLA) for standard Model with internal battery
Recharge Time Subject to external battery config
Max recharge current 6A
Floating charge Voltage 27.3V/41.0V
Display Display LED/LCD(option)
Buzzer Alarm Bat.Mode/Bat.Low/Overload/Fault
Physical Dimension 145(W)X220(H)X328(L)mm
Weight 6.1kg
Environment Humidity 5~97%(Non Condensing)
Operating Ambient Temperature 0~40℃
Communication Port S 232/SNMP(opion)/USB(option)

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Long Backup Online Ups 1KVA from Fenice Power

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